murder-in-the-libraryThis is the third in the Dekker cozy mystery series, starring those two chunky fellows, Lt. Cy Dekker and Sgt. Lou Murdock.  I told you about the first one,  52 Steps to Murder, here,   and the second one, Murder in the Winter, here.    I was needing something light to cleanse my palate after that heavy calorie meal of Grotesque.   Hmmm, Colonel Mustard in the library  with a rope.

Not much has changed with the boys, they are still retired from the Hillside police force, but are on call for homicide cases, still over eating, still receiving indecipherable messages from God about their cases, and still fumbling around solving cases with some big screwball action at the end which produces a confession by the perp who we can only surmise will have a change of heart in the morning and call his lawyer who will scream things about illegal confessions and tainted fruit or whatever they do to make the confession invalid.  But who cares.  It’s a cozy mystery, and we like feeling cozy.

This case revolves around an older wealthy gentleman, who befriended the boys in their boyhoods, who calls them in because he has received a threatening message left in his impenetrable library.  Remember the other two books had tunnels?  This one has secret passageways and secret rooms.   The next day the older man is found dead in his library, and it becomes a locked room mystery, my favorite kind.  However, what with the secret passageways and all, we soon get the idea that the how is not so mysterious, only the who.

Plenty of suspects, a couple of plausible red herrings, lots of food descriptions,  and I didn’t quite guess who did it, mainly because I was getting confused as to who was whom.  See what I did there, with that correct grammar?  That was to distract you from realizing I am not the sharpest taste in the spice drawer.


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