COLD LAKE by Jeff Carson

cold-lakeThis is the fifth in the Sheriff David Wolf series.  It is the only one of this series I have read.  I must have gotten it on one of those free offers from Amazon.

It is a nice series, as far as I can tell.  It features Sheriff David Wolf of some small town in Colorado, his female deputy and a couple of other deputies.

This story revolves around heads.  And bodies.  Not necessarily attached to each other.  I am bullish on severed heads. That is probably because I have never actually seen a severed head in person.

A fisherman working the depths of Cold Lake with his fish finder sees some boulders, which he uses as a place marker for a good spot to fish.  One day he pulls up a bag…. which contains a head. Hot dog!  Wouldn’t that make for an exciting fishing show, ever so different from the usual yawn of watching guys bait hooks and make small talk.

When the Sheriff hears that the fisherman uses boulders as spot markers, he sends out a dive and recovery team who discover that the boulders are actually more bags.  Some have bodies, some have heads.  Seven in total.  The forensic guy has a time trying to match the parts, since the lake is so cold that it is impossible to tell dates of death.

But there is a cold case (you’ll pardon the regrettable pun) from 20 some years ago where a young man went missing after leaving for a date with a young girl who lived up on the cliffs overlooking the lake. And one of those recovered heads was him, so they have some kind of benchmark for dating the bodies.

The family of the young woman is called in for questioning, the father disappears two days later, the mother a few days after that, and only the daughter is left with her memories and the house.

The whole book is just so earnest, and there are some interesting twists,  but the ending is really just too trite to take seriously.  Because the murderer is …….>>>>> spoiler alert!!!!   twins!   Shades of the soap operas with their Evil Twins.

Another problem is there seems to be another plotline plodding along inside this main plot line concerning the Sheriff’s exwife whom he is now seeing again, but they still seem to fight, and that isn’t working out too well, then she is seen with some glossy sleeze type and then oh my gosh is found shot dead, along with that guy in a car out in some remote area.

That plotline is not resolved so we readers can assume the next in the series will concern it self with that.

OK, I definitely enjoyed it, but the ending also is that trope-y kind where the police are in terrible danger of being killed by the perp and there are all these pages of that situation and how it gets resolved, but I confess to having skipped over most of it because, frankly, by this time in my life, I have read it already a hundred times.



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