bainbridge-killingsNice little mystery, featuring an FBI profiler sent to an island across the Puget Sound from Seattle, Washington.  There have been murders by poison in a red wine of three wealthy residents, and the local law enforcement feels overwhelmed and decided to call in help.

Jon Stevens is a clever man, and would have been a lot more interesting if he weren’t the tragic hero so beloved by mystery writers.  Something dark in his past, hinted at but not explained,  has made him a loner,  unwilling and unable to buddy up with anyone.  Sigh.  I am so tired of these flawed but able guys.  I want to yell, ‘Get over yourself!’ but yeah, I know, it is only fiction.

Jon zips along in disguise, and rather zippily determines that there are safe rooms in all three huge mansions in which the people died,  and goes forth to find the builder, because somebody has to know about these rooms, right?

It all whips along at what seems a frantic pace, and then boom!  the ending and the solve.  Ta-da.  It turned out to be maybe a long story, or a short novella, and although I enjoyed it, (all but the dude’s annoying angst), it would have made a really good full length book.  It was just too short.



One comment on “THE BAINBRIDGE KILLINGS by Rick Soper

  1. Judith Anderson says:

    A minor quibble, but as a Seattle native, it is simply Puget Sound, not THE Puget Sound.

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