BOOK OF SHADOWS by Alexandra Sokoloff

book-of-shadows-ebook-225Like police procedurals?  Like a good mystery?  Like a bit of horror?   Like a smidge of paranormal thrown in?  Then you are going to love this book.

It starts off with the discovery at the Boston landfill of a decapitated body of a young girl.  Also missing her left hand.  Also with 333 carved into her body, and a symbol involving triangles.  Well!  You know me,  I am all about headless bodies, and bodiless heads, so right away, I am totally IN.

Garrett and Landauer are the homicide detectives who catch this case,  and what with the carvings and the missing body parts, it does have that certain aura of a satanic ritual killing.

They easily track down a fellow college student of the murdered young woman, and since his dorm room is filled with all kinds of satanic paraphernalia,  it looks like the case is solved.  Screwed, blued, and tatooed.

Except.  A ‘witch’ from nearby Salem comes into the police station and tells Garrett that she has the ‘sight’, and knows that the boy in custody did not do it.  Just want to tell you that modern witches are not necessarily hags with huge moles on their noses and hair growing out of their ears.  Nope.  This one is young, classy, and just the kind of chick you would like to peruse a crystal ball with.

Well, things get complicated….. and a bit paranormalish.  But one of the things I really liked about this book was that just as you are sure it’s ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night, BAM, Detective Garrett comes up against the normal reality which is creating the effect.  So at the end, we are sure everything is due to the normal, not the paranormal,  and yet…..

ghostsOr, maybe its…….


Great book,  great mystery and lots of fine characters.  And ghosts.  And Satan.


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