AS THE CROW FLIES by Damien Boyd

crow-fliesA rock climbing mystery.  You don’t see many of those, now do you.  As the Crow Flies is the name of a climbing route.  Apparently, climbing routes have cool names, like Ocean Wall, Left Unconquerable, Honeymoon Tonight, Pineapple Thunderpussy.    Who knew?  I’m a ‘feet on the ground’ kind of gal.  I see no reason to risk my life, not to mention my limbs, scrabbling around vertical surfaces where there is handy dandy tax-money-paid-for paved road to the summit not too far off to my left.  Know what I mean?  If I really want to see the view all that badly, I’ll buy a postcard.

Nick Dixon is the new homicide detective on the Avon and Somerset police force.  It is apparently a big rock climbing area, and folks come from all over to make the ascents.  He moved there from Wimbleton, and was not there too long when a climber’s rope came undone and the climber fell to his death.  Looked pretty much like an accident, until he found out the climber was an old friend of his, one who taught him how to climb.  The devastated parents called Nick, and asked him to look into it, because it was such a rookie mistake, one that Jake, the dead climber, would have never made.

The more Nick looks into it, the more he finds that is hinky.  Seems to be a connection with drug dealing, and …. get this ….. trafficking in stolen birds’s eggs.  Seems that the eggs of birds of prey go for some pretty big bucks…. er ….. pounds Sterling…… over in the Middle East where falconry is  YUGE.   So an expert rock climber could make himself a tidy bundle trading in those eggs.

A young girl dies of a drug overdose, another guy turns up dead in the waters where he was fishing for pike.  Gee, this idyllic area seems to be filling up with former living persons.

Great mystery, and even thought I had the tiniest glimmer of who the killer might be, it was a fun mystery to follow.


See?  Now why would someone in their right mind want to be doing this?  Google view, people.  Google view.  Much safer.








2 comments on “AS THE CROW FLIES by Damien Boyd

  1. Deb Atwood says:

    Your post made me laugh! Good way to wake up in the morning. Thanks for the fun review!

  2. Great review, Mari, as usual.
    I read this book a little while ago. Hmmm.

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