sleuth-sistersA cozy mystery featuring three sisters over 50.  One is the former  Assistant D.A. from ummmm  some other state,  uptight and outta sight, one sister is a recently out of work chick with a disabled out of work husband, and one is a bossy overbearing glamor girl.

The attorney has left her big shot job and moved back to Nowheresville Michigan, for reasons I still don’t quite understand, but hey,  I don’t understand the reason a lot of people do what they do. She buys a nice big house and has nothing to do.  The next sister with the disabled hubs need money and convinces Barb, the former attorney, to start up a detective agency with her.  They deliberately leave out the glamorous bossy sister because… well, because they don’t like her.   You are stuck with the family you are stuck with.  Doesn’t mean you have to like them, right?  Even is mom said so?

Well, that was the most interesting part of the book.  They mystery part, not so much.  The richest guy in town has a willful, spoiled daughter who falls in love with an average Joe Sixpack, and the dad is totally against it.  She marries the guy anyway, and gets preggers.  One day, dad visits his daughter to find her in her apartment dying, as well as her ne’er-do-well brother who is already dead.  The husband is fingered for the murders and runs away, not to be found.   Six years later, his sister pops up at the office of the Sleuth Sisters to hire them to find him and clear his name. Why?  Because the baby lived, and she has custody of it.  That baby is now 6 years old, but the sister has a brain tumor and expects to die soon, and needs the brother to come back and take care of his daughter.

Guess who found the guy, after years of coordinated police search failures.  Right!  The bumbling sleuthy sisters.  And then guess who uncovers who the real murderer was.  Right again.

Nicely done, and now there are a couple more titles in the series.  I am struggling for something to say here, because really, it is just one of those light cozy mysteries.  Just the kind of  thing you want when you are too tired to engage your brain to read something more substantial.  It is entertaining.  Nothing wrong with entertaining for entertaining’s sake, right?



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