TIN CITY TINDER by David Macinnis Gill

tin-cityA mystery starring firefighter-in-training Boone Childress.   It has a protagonist who is a military vet who lost a buddy in a fire, received a medal or several, now in civie life back in his old hometown, on the volunteer fire brigade, which is headed by his step dad, with whom, thank goodness, he gets along,  and is taking college course because he wants to be an arson investigator.

The town has an over the top deputy dawg who is always handing out speeding tickets to the firefights who are speeding to the station (remember, its a volunteer brigade),  and a sheriff who doesn’t like him.  There are a couple of over the top nasty a$$es on another town’s force doing dirty all over the place.  And a young woman in his class with whom he immediately develops a relationship.

There occurs a series of suspicious fires at abandoned properties, and at the first one, Boone swears he hears someone in the supposedly empty building calling for help, and he dives in alone against orders to rescue the…… possum.   At the second fire, in Tin City, a no-longer-existing town, he hears someone calling for help in Spanish, but cannot reach the person and ends up in the hospital.  An examination of the scene with his grandfather the next day reveals the remains of a body under a mattress.  The nasty volunteers from the other company swear they heard nothing, and Boone swears it is a case of murder.

Boone acts in the most juvenile manner, always going against orders, advice, impetuously rushing in where angels fear to tread, really annoying.  Maybe I am too old to think he is a hero.

I know you are not going to read this, so I will give you something of a spoiler.  It is one of those situations where some developer wants the land.  OK?  ‘Nuff said?  Not exactly an original plot.

So pretty much a B+ effort, not awful, not great.  But it sure could have used a line editor.  Scheesh.   I can ignore a fair amount of typographical booboos, but this was even getting on my nerves.  Indie writer.   I can’t say it loud enough …… PAY A DECENT LINE EDITOR.  You CANNOT do it yourself.  Trust me on this.  Trying to use SpellCheck just ain’t gonna cut it, bunky.

This is the start of a series.  I will pass on the rest.



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