lighthouseA nice, serviceable cozy mystery, and I was delighted to see that a photo of the author  showed me an English lady author exactly as I had pictured her.  Yeah, I know.  That has zero to do with the book, but you know, sometimes we just get curious about what an author looks like.   And she has written a whole truck load of the Exham  on Sea mysteries, and has another historical series going.

In this one, a body of a woman is found on the beach under the local lighthouse.  And everybody knows her, but hasn’t seen her for yonks since she left to become a rock star in the States.   What the heck is she doing here, and dead to boot?

The protagonist is a divorced and wronged woman, the hubs having hidden all the money, and leaves her with only their marital home, which she sells, then moves to Exham on Sea where she hopes to begin a new life making chocolates and cakes.  Who does this?  Who believes in this day and age that you can make enough to pay your light bill running a bakery in a little town?  People in English murder mysteries do, that’s who.   Wait until Brexit does the full Monty.  Then talk to me about making chocolate things in a small town.  But moving right along…..

OK, setting all that aside, it was a fine mystery, spanning two continents, and some fine sleuthing, and a possible romance, and a young Goth girl assistent in the bakery.  What else is there to say?  It’s a cozy mystery, not War and Peace.  I liked it.  If you like cozies, either as your go-to fare, or for an occasional palate cleanser in between your denser reads, you will certainly like it.  I certainly did.


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