LUCKY MAN by Tony Dunbar

lucky-manYippee!  Another Tubby Dubonnet crime story.  This is number 6, and it was FREE.  I do so love free.  I read Crooked Man, the first in the series, and discussed it here.    Then I read Crime Czar, and talked about it here.

Well, in Lucky Man, Tubby is off the booze, ‘on a trial basis’, and called in to defend  his long time friend, the judge.  In the previous book, Tubby got roped into heading the judge’s re-election campaign.  Now, the judge is under attack by the DA, who is possibly using this as leverage for bigger things.  The DA is screaming about corruption in the entire judicial system.  Well, heck what do you expect?  It is New Orleans, the Big Sleezy.  Has the judge done a bad thing?   Is it on tape?  Oh, dear.

Tubby’s long time friend has been staying with him, but since Tubby is no longer drinking, he finds the guy intrusive and annoying, and tells him he has to find other accommodations.  The friend, of course, is not pleased.   His secretary gives him notice, The cream of the ‘dancing’ girls has been set up to set up the judge.  Are you with me so far?  And Tubby’s detective on hire falls for another of the gals, andone of them goes missing and  …. oh, gee, just go read the book, would ya?

Fewer screwball clients, and a little less humor than the others, but otherwise a fine offering in the noir crime series that is heavy on New Orleans descriptions, which I really enjoy, and light on the noir.

You ever notice that when you are not drinking, your friends that you thought were so much fun no longer seem to be all that much fun anymore?



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