NOT ALONE by Craig A. Falconer

I do love a good hard science sci fi book.  And this one was a doozy.

A young man, a believer in aliens since childhood,  is working in a bookstore cum coffee shop, when he is sent to deliver a book on his bicycle.  Near the large IDA building, which stands for  Intelligence Something Something, a masked man carrying a bag of folders and six gold bars, dashes out from between parked cars, running into our guy, knocking him over, scattering the folders.  He pulls a gun on our boy Dan, tells him not to touch the folders, grabs them up and disappears!   But Dan sees one that had slid under a car, picks it up and takes it home.

It contains information about mysterious objects that were discovered back in the time of the Second World War.   All evidence points to these objects being from outer space.  The German government decides the best thing to do was to hide them, and so all evidence was hidden all these years. Among the papers was a letter in German.  Dan decides to publish them on on social media, in the interest of Truth, all but the letter.  He then gets a book on translating German, and little by little, translates the letter which is a confession by a known scientist of his day, telling all about the discovery and how it was all put under wraps.

Most of the book is about the media, publicists, government coverups, and how governments use all of this to smokescreen their own problems.  One of the first characters to appear is a young, brilliant  P.R. gal who pushes her way into Dan’s life to help him take charge of the narrative.  I couldn’t help but see her in my mind’s eye as KellyAnne Conway, but her heavenly twin (you know, as opposed to the evil twin), lol.

It was a really really really long book …. 700 and some pages, and try as I might, I could not think of any part of it that could be shaved, cut down, or eliminated, without being a detriment to the book.

The final portion has first twists that you don’t see coming, then twists that you do, then twists that you don’t.

I really enjoyed it, but do confess that I ‘read’ about two thirds of it via audio while I was quilting.  My Kindle Fire has a text to speech feature and the speech has improved so much over the robotic voice of the early Kindles.

Great book.



One comment on “NOT ALONE by Craig A. Falconer

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