A DREAM OF DEATH by Harrison Drake

Police procedural, but comes burdened with two plot lines that don’t seem to go together very well.  Ontario Provincial Police Detective Lincoln Munroe is heading an investigation into a serial killer who targets women whose husbands work nights. He leaves no trace whatsoever, until he kills a woman who is pregnant, and writes I’m sorry on the wall in lipstick.

It is the usual thing and the police finally catch him.

However, it is intertwined with a side story or substory or  secondary plot or whatever you want to call it, where the detective has a series of nightmares that come to a head when he is invited to help a fellow cop investigate the removal of the remains of a decades old murder in the Allegheny Forest. a place where his father took him camping as a child. These nightmares culminate in the appearance of repressed memories of that camping trip, resulting in solving the murder of the person comprising the mostly skeletal remains.

Oh yeah, and then there is the third strand which is about his partner, an attractive young single woman, the deteriorating marriage of the detective because he is married to his cases instead of to his family,  his infidelity with the partner, and his claims of wanting to make it work with the little wifey.

I admit to becoming just a bit tired of the flawed detective trope, and have absolutely NO compassion for anyone who commits adultery, believing that a person should finish one relationship before embarking on another.

So three books in one.  I would have preferred them to be three separate books, because it was all just a bit too much for one.   I like my mysteries, neat, not on the rocks.



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