SOME DEGREE OF MURDER by Frank Zafiro and Colin Conway

Very nice police procedural.  Does ‘very nice’ sound like damning with faint praise?  Maybe a little.  No, really, it was fine.  Not spectacular, but not awful, either.   It is the fifth in a series, and I have noticed that by the time you get to the fourth or fifth of a series,  you begin to lose some of the color of the initial volumes,  the back story has been told so many times the authors seem to get tired of reiterating it in condensed form, so what we have here is the mystery without much of the lives of the detectives.

Homicide detective John Tower has a couple of murders he is investigating.  Young teen girls, who don’t seem to have a connection, but with admirable digging, Detective John is able to come up with something to connect them, which makes it a serial murder, which he doesn’t want to reveal because that would bring in a team and he would lose control of the investigation.  It’s all about the micromanaging, kids.

Meanwhile, a … OK, let’s call a spade a shovel, here … a thug arrives in town to investigate one of the murders.  Turns out she is his daughter from a one night stand, a child he has never met, but knows only through photos her mother sends him.  He makes periodic payments for the girl.   Since he is a thug, a criminal, whose name maybe is Virgil, maybe not,  he will have no problems avenging the death of his daughter outside of the law.  When Detective Tower learns this man is in town and on the hunt, the race is on for Tower to find the killer first, so he can arrest him, and thus bring justice also for the other girl murdered.  Virgil doesn’t give a kreploch.  You know, Honey Badger don’t care.  Honey Badger don’t give a ……

Who will reach the killer first?  Who will kill who?  Whom?


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