WRATH by E. H. Reinhard

A police procedural type mystery.  It was OK,  almost perfectly written, a couple of booboos, but I am easy about stuff like that.  It is about a guy who suspects his wife has a boyfriend, and then finds it is true.  He murders the boyfriend, then the wife, then goes on to murder others.

It was told in a back and forth manner between following the murderer, and following the homicide lieutenant, the portions about the murderer told in third person, the portions about the detective and the police told in first person.  So, basically, we know right from the beginning who did the murders.  Right there, I am losing interest.  I like my mysteries to be mysteries.  This was more of a thriller.  The second trope I dislike and rarely read has the protagonist and/or his/her family in danger from the villain.  I really prefer my mysteries to be impersonal, and the mystery to be a puzzle.

Boy.  Picky, picky, picky.  So in conclusion, it was fine for what it was, it’s just that what is was wasn’t what I like.  Oh, well.  Every day can’t be Sunday.

It is also the first of a series.

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