THE SUMMER BOOK by Tove Jansson

What a sweet book!  It was written in 1972, in Finnish, and we are fortunate to have a translation.  It is about a little girl whose mother has died, her paternal grandmother and her father, and their summers on a very small one-house island in the Bay of Finland, off the coast of ….. oh, crumb. I don’t remember.  Somewhere.  It is about nature, and the relationship between the somewhat elderly grandmother and the girl, with references to the father, although he really does not play a large part.  It is fiction, but reads like memoir, based as it is on some of the author’s own childhood memories.

It has that Annie Dillard feel to it,  you know, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek?,  but less sanctimonious.  It is just a lovely read.

Tove Jansson was born and died in Helsinki, Finland. As a Finnish citizen whose mother tongue was Swedish, she was part of the Swedish-speaking Finns minority. All her books were originally written in Swedish.


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