THE HEART OF THE RED FIRS by Ada Woodruff Anderson

Another of Mz Anderson’s works, this one published in 1908.  The other book of hers that I read, The Rim of the Desert,  was enjoyable, with a more involved plot.  This offering was clearly chick lit, all about romance and men of character and honor, and women of strength, determination,  and grit.  The heroes were heroic, and the villains were definitely villainous.

I read both of these books because I like fiction from that time period, because of the writing style, but I was interested in the location where both were set .. the Pacific Northwest.  This one is set around Puget Sound, in the virgin forests with timberland hundreds of years old, and it is distressing how, in both books, the interests of the protagonists are in settling the remote country and selling off its timber, diverting rivers and streams to create irrigation, and planting crops.  In both books, the protagonists talk of how they love this unsettled country and the purity of nature, while doing everything they can to bring population to their regions.

The plot of this one is basically a lovely school teacher whom every man falls in love with, and how the two prominent suitors turn out to be one baddy and one Dudley Do-Right, and everyone gets his or her just deserts.

I read it for the poetic descriptions of the land and tolerated the women’s magazine romantic plotline.  Beautiful writing, stupid storyline.




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