EYE OF THE MOON by Ivan Obolensky

Official blurb coming atcha:

“Johnny’s legendary socialite Aunt Alice mysteriously died while reading the Egyptian Book of the Dead when he and Percy were ten. They have been kept in the dark about that night ever since…

Twenty years later, they are reunited, along with family and guests, for a weekend house party at Rhinebeck, the sumptuous estate once owned by Alice.

But Rhinebeck holds more than just childhood memories.

From the family butler, they learn that Alice’s story is far darker than anticipated, and will impact all their lives, particularly Percy’s, before the weekend concludes.

All who attend are ensnared in a surprising web of mystery, Egyptian occultism, sumptuous elegance, and intrigue, where family members, guests, and even the staff have their own agendas, and nothing is what it seems.

This complex and sophisticated gothic mystery thriller is a page-turner you will not be able to put down.”

I second that emotion.  I really loved this book.  A lot of the story is told by various characters telling it to our first person protagonist narrator.

Some fun paranormal, but paranormal in the sense that we are not certain whether the experiences are from psychotropic drugs or what, but everyone keeps saying how eerie the house is, how there feels like ‘there is something there.’

A lot of family intrigue and manipulation, and financial skulduggery, and the reveals just keep on comin!

Great story, wonderful writing, but I can see how it could be not everyone’s cup of tea.  But I am just a sucker for gothic-y kind of stuff

A fair amount of Egyptian woo-woo in the story, and the title refers to:

…Wadjet, the patron goddess of one of the great oracles of the ancient world located at Buto, in lower Egypt.  She was known as the Green One and was often depicted as a cobra.  She preformed a protective function.

This Egyptian religious symbol is also called the Eye of Hathor, the Eye of Horus, and the Eye of Ra.



One comment on “EYE OF THE MOON by Ivan Obolensky

  1. Bookstooge says:

    Considering the authors name, is this a russian book translated into English, or an English book by an author with Russian roots?
    I really like authentic russian books, as long as the translations are on top of things…


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