MURDER IN ADLAND by Bruce Beckham

“When a high-flying ad agency boss is brutally murdered on a company weekend in the English Lake District, Detective Inspector Dan Skelgill finds himself wrenched from his rural Cumbrian comfort zone.

As the investigation unfolds, DI Skelgill is led a merry dance between London and Edinburgh, at every turn confronted by uncooperative suspects – colleagues, wife and lovers of the deceased – each of whom are possessed of motive and opportunity.

Was this a crime of passion, a professional hit, or a cleverly calculated killing borne of out greed and jealousy? In this traditional whodunit, the case can only be solved by carefully piecing together the essential clues – but Skelgill is running out of time. The patience of his superiors wears thin, while the actions of an anonymous agent provocateur serve only to advance the moment when the killer must strike again.”

This first of the Inspector Skelgill Investigates series was certainly an enjoyable read.  All the things I like in a British police procedural — relatable DI, nice DS assistant, in this case a young woman, a nifty mystery that does not involve politics or international intrigue, and an ending I can almost solve before the ending.  hahahaha.

It is set in Cumbria, and OK I had to look it up, my British geography is a bit sketchy,  with forays into Edinburgh and London,  and a bunch of local dialect thrown in for interest, this is a good beginning to what I hope will be a good series.

Cumbria, for those of you who share my pathetic lack of knowledge, is  a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county in North West England.  It is in what is called the Lake District, and one of the attractions is Hadrian’s Wall.  Right across from the Isle of Man.  (I don’t know what it means when it says ‘ceremonial’ county.)

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