The CERBERUS Asteroid Diversion Program: Summary of Findings from the Several U.S. Gov’t Investigations into Cividan Laboratories

Documents released to the public in 2025 regarding the events leading up to and after the approach and diversion of asteroid HR42.   Presented in the form of transcripts conducted by the FBI, and a Senate investigatory commission, and a letter from the CEO of Cividan Laboratories, it tells the story of a suddenly discovered asteroid on a disastrous trajectory approaching the earth, and how Cividan Labs pulled everyone together to avert it by shooting a lot of nuclear bombs at it to deflect its course.

Ostensibly started by the government, the investigation after the fact was allegedly into misuse of government funds, and all was refuted by Cividan Labs, flooding the organizations with documents in the name of transparency, agreeing to numerous interrogations by the FBI on the condition that every word of the transcripts would be released to the public.

As time went on, it appeared that embedded in the digitized data submitted to all kinds of investigating divisions and organizations was some kind of code which created a back door into their computer systems, giving Cividan access, while leaving no trace of itself, so it could not be proved.

Led by an altruistic and wealthy man, Cividan’s motto is Make Better Things;  Make Things Better.

My only cavil is that there really was no twist, which I kept waiting for, which maybe was the twist.  It seems the guy really did want to make things better.  The various investigators kept asking what secrets Cividan was hiding what where they doing, and why had they launched a lot of equipment, parts, and fuel into orbit and left it there.  What were they DOING up there?  The CEO’s response was beautiful:

One of the most notable characteristic of space is that it is extremely cold.  Anything up there putting off any kind of heat is very easy to see.  Voyager I was built in the 70’s and is out past the edge of the solar system.  It’s twelve billion miles away from us.  You know how we track it?  It’s got a twenty-watt radio on board.  If you want to know what we are doing up there, look up.  Anything Cividan builds or does in orbit can be seen.

There is even given in the book the internet address for their ‘company’.   Yeah, that site exists, and you can go there and read about all of their fictional programs and updates.  and even sign up for updates.

Very clever, and other than Cividan Laboratories, there is no author given.  Even the publisher is listed as Cividan Labs.   If it weren’t set in 2025, you would get to thinking it was real.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus, often called the “hound of Hades”, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.



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