A nifty police procedural, right up my little mystery-loving alley.

OK, here’s the nitty, not to mention the gritty.  “A powerful man is found dead in his fish house on a frozen Minnesota lake, murdered, stabbed to death. His employees, family, and the local sheriff, all seem happy to have him gone – all except his personal assistant. With his death she is now forced to do something she thought she would never have to do, reveal secrets that will destroy the careers and lives of many – including a man set on being the next governor of the state.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Agent Danny Carlisle has been given the assignment, her first as a lead agent, and she and her partner soon find they have too many suspects and too little evidence. But someone is doing them a favor, narrowing down their list of suspects by killing them off. The snow and bodies in Duluth accumulate, and Carlisle’s boss is pushing her to find who is doing the killing, someone who seems to know her every move.”

This is set in the Duluth area in mid winter, with lots of snow and ice and cold weather.  I don’t know what it is, but I love plots set in cold and snowy weather.  Maybe because I live in Sunny Mexico and don’t have to shovel snow.  But anyhoo…

A fine mystery, with likable law enforcement characters.  Our protagonist, Danny Carlisle, hard working, smart, driven, is a nice change from  the alcoholic divorced semi-sleezebag cop/P.I./investigative lawyer with which current mysteries seem to abound these days.

It is a little bit of Orient Express meets Fargo, without the tree chipper, but it definitely has enough bodies to satisfy the most demanding of ghoulish readers (like me).

This is the first of a series (aren’t they all?), but not sure if there is a second, yet.  Have to say, I enjoyed it tremendously.

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