BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty

The other three books of Moriarty which I have read were all women’s fiction with an edge, but women’s fiction all the same.  Big Little Lies was for me soooooo much better.

Structured as a murder mystery, told in part with snippets of testimony, remarks of investigating officers, interviews with a journalist,  and opinions of the various cast of characters, it features three very different women, all mothers of children entering kindergarten in a small coastal town near Sydney.  The clique-ish mothers of the school are a foil for the three women friends, one a normal mom with a normal loving marriage, one a edgy single mom, and one a beautiful wealthy women, mother of twins.

On orientation day, the daughter of one of the pushy self-important women emerges crying inconsolably, claiming a boy tried to strangle her.  She shakily points to the son of the single mom, both of whom are then ostracized, he for bullying, although he adamantly denies it, and the mother for not forcing him to say sorry.

Things progress, as things do in novels, until the denouement, culminating at Parent’s Trivia Night at the school, where one parent is killed.  We do not learn who the deceased is until the very end.

It is about domestic violence, bullying, appearances, and friendship.    Although I enjoyed the other books,  this one I really really liked.

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