messengers of deceptionI thought that Vallee had some interesting things to say in his UFOs: The Psychic Solution, and since the whole concept of this UFO phenomenon has always intrigued me, I decided to dip into some of his other writings.  I skimmed through his Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception, in which I found little of interest or value, with the exception of his statement that

Ufology is folklore in the making and that it should be studied as such.  It is a new form of mythology.

And a lovely quote from Oscar Wilde:

An aesthetic truth was such that its opposite was equally true.

This could be said of much of the writings of the UFO phenomenon.

I then went on to Messengers of Deception, not knowing just what I would find, but hoping that he was working up to some kind of interesting conclusion.

Well, what I found, … and this edition had been updated in 2008, so it is relatively up to date … was they he was and still is convinced that

…UFOs are physically real.  They represent a fantastic technology controlled by an unknown form of consciousness.

Oh dear.

He sees three aspects to UFOs:

  • Physical – A UFO behaves like a region of space of small dimension — about 10 meters within which a large amount of energy is stored.  Energy is manifested by pulsing light, intense colors, electromagntic radiation, microwaves that create distortions of witness’s sense of realty.
  • Psychological – what is seen and reported is an IMAGE, the perception of a UFO by a human witness.  Witness reports show perception distortions, unconscious barriers, mental blocks, evidence of suggestions and post-hypnotic effects, as well as visions, hallucinations, physiological effects and long term personality changes.

And finally

  • Social – a spreading belief in UFOs.

He sums it all up thusly:

I believe there is a machinery of mass manipulation behind the UFO phenomenon.  It aims at social and political goals by diverting attention from some human problems and by providing a potential release for tensions caused by others.

Are the manipulators nothing more than a group of humans who have mastered a very advanced form of power?

Behavior mod on a grand scale. A hope for salvation from above.   After all is said and written, this intelligent man, highly educated  and having spent years researching this, seems to have fallen into the clutches of the conspiracy theorists.  “They” are out to get us and manipulate us.  “They” have a highly evolved technology to do this.

I had hoped for so much more from him.  Maybe “they” frazzled his brain and brought him over to the dark side.  Oh, well.  I understand that the dark side has cookies.  Filled with space nuts.

See what I did there?



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